Original Bucket Wood Handle - Large

Original Bucket Wood Handle - Large

SKU: 9395

These wonderfully rustic old pails or buckets with timber handles have been gathered from India, where they have worked hard in a previous life. 

Perfectly imperfect with a stunning vintage appearance, these larger sized buckets are ideal for grand floral displays and housing larger pot plants as well as a myriad of other uses.

Individually hand-forged from metal.   

Approximate measurements: 36cm(H) x 36cm(W) x 36cm(D)

These planters can be used outside however they will age and some surface rust may occur over time. This can be minimised by spraying with a product like Penetrol.

Our ‘Original’ products have been handcrafted and hand finished using traditional techniques, and are of significant age. Minor anomalies in size, design and finish are inherent to the character of these products, and are not considered defects, as they form the natural attributes and beauty of these unique items.

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