Peak Vase Planter - Grey, Medium

Peak Vase Planter - Grey, Medium

SKU: 7090

Humble and honest planters with a modern-industrial aesthetic, the Peak Planter Collection is hand-crafted in neutral tones with a beautiful smooth yet rustic concrete finish. 

A tapered planter with a strong angular shape, the Peak Vase Planter is the perfect modern, minimalist vessel. .

Hand-crafted using a unique concrete / fibre glass mixture for a lightweight yet sturdy concrete planter. 

The Peak Planter Collection is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, is UV and frost resistant and features foam feet to protect surfaces and a removable rubber bung for optional drainage. 

Measurements: 20cm (H) x 23.5cm (ø)
Approximate weight: 2.5kg

Available in 3 sizes

Non-structural hairline cracks are possible and are considered an inherent part of the product, not a manufacturing defect. Hairline cracks do not threaten the integrity or stability of the planter nor prevent the continued and normal use of the product

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